viernes, 1 de diciembre de 2017

The Anime Sugoi Bundle de @IndieGala - Ya Activo

The Anime Sugoi Bundle - Tenemos:

Paga $1.0:

  • Wandering in space (Steam)
  • The Girl on the Train (Steam)
  • Space Girls (Steam)

Paga $3.99:

  • Ecchi Sketch: Draw Cute Girls Every Day! (Steam)
  • The Merchant Memoirs (Steam)
  • Songs of Araiah: Re-Mastered Edition (Steam)
  • 夏花的轨迹——A summer promise to forever (Steam)
  • AMPLITUDE: A Visual Novel (Steam)
  • Jake's Love Story (Steam)
  • Maria the Witch (Steam)
  • Fix Me Fix You Deluxe Edition (Steam)
  • 10 Galagold

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