miércoles, 3 de enero de 2018

The Artifex Mundi #8 Bundle de @IndieGala - Ya Activo

The Artifex Mundi #8 Bundle

Paga $1:

  • Dark Heritage: Guardians of Hope (Steam)
  • Grim Legends: The Forsaken Bride (Steam)
  • Grim Legends 2: Song of the Dark Swan (Steam)

Paga $3.49:

  • Grim Legends 3: The Dark City (Steam)
  • The Myth Seekers: The Legacy of Vulcan (Steam)
  • Tiny Tales: Heart of the Forest (Steam)
  • Eventide 2: The Sorcerers Mirror (Steam)
  • Mythic Wonders: The Philosopher's Stone (Steam)
  • Tibetan Quest: Beyond the World's End (Steam)
  • Fairy Tale Mysteries: The Puppet Thief (Steam)
  • 10 Galagold (Steam)

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