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lunes, 18 de marzo de 2019

The @Humble Book Bundle: Web Programming by O'Reilly - Ya Activo

Humble Book Bundle: Web Programming by O'Reilly - Contiene:

Paga $1.00:

  • CSS: The Definitive Guide
  • Using SVG with CSS3 and HTML5
  • Learning React
  • High Performance Images
  • You Don't Know JS: Up & Going

Paga $8.00:

  • Flask Web Development
  • Angular: Up and Running
  • CSS Pocket Reference
  • Data Visualization with Python & JavaScript
  • Vue.js: Up and Running
  • You Don't Know JS: ES6 & Beyond

Paga $15.00:

  • Learning JavaScript
  • Designing Web APIs
  • Learning PHP, MySQL & JavaScript
  • Mastering Modular JavaScript
  • Learning GraphQL
  • You Don't Know JS: Scope & Closures

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